Kale Kilit has borne witness to the industrialisation process of Turkey and has become one of the leading establishments of Turkish industry by being a part of it.

Kale Kilit has been propelled by the principles of quality, trust and guarantee and has become a globally recognised brand due to its business ethics and customer focused approach.

The firm steps we have taken combined with our future investments, our implementation of state of the art production and technology together with the strength of our business partners, employees and customers have enabled us to go from strength to strength over the last 68 years.

As a global brand name with extensive distribution channels in Turkey and around the world, we are proud to be known for our high standards of quality and reliability. We are further motivated to set greater goals to achieve.

We have always set precedents in the Turkish lock sector and have enabled Kale customers to feel secure and privileged through our new developments. As the leading lock manufacturer, our innovations will continue to spearhead the sector.

Innovation is the key to “sustainable success”. Bearing this in mind, Kale Kilit is able to evaluate each day from a new perspective whilst ensuring the tangible presence of innovation culture throughout the company.

We aim for Kale Kilit to take its place amongst the world’s ten largest lock companies within the next ten years. All of our investments are being planned to help us achieve this goal just as all the steps we take nationally and internationally are planned around it.

We aim high, and our values are our greatest treasure.

Sedat Özgür
Chairman of the Board
Kale Kilit A.Ş.