Our HR Vision

With employees who are customer oriented, endowed with a high sense of responsibility,  committed to the principles of Ethical and Fair Rivalry and Total Quality and aware of being a team;

  • Far from discrimination based on all kinds of language, religion, sects, gender, politicial ideas, philosophical beliefs and respectful for rights and freedoms concurrent with constitutional and labour law,
  • Able to enhance the quality and happiness in workplace through the corporate working conditions based on team work that has a “WE” mentality with constitutive labour relations,
  • Taking notice of actual and behavioural consequences of his ideas, principled, modest, competitive for his carrier but feel honoured of his colleagues’ success,  able to benefit from the richness of differences, able to share knowledge, revealing the best of our employee potential that has communication skills within sincere and empathetic system of ideas,
  • Willing to search for the available technical capacities, enthusiastic, creative, innovative, open-minded and has employees that can advance by questioning within the rational system of ideas,
  • By detecting the talents within our inner potential, endeavouring to prosper their competences arising from their differences and able to keep these talents in reserve, where intracompany carrier opportunities are created by fair competition conditions,
    The aim of our Human Resources is to develop the corporate culture of KALE INDUSTRY within the domestic market.