HR Processes


In 1953, beginning with a 40m2 workshop in Tahtakale and in 1979 presenting the customer with the most trustable brand of Kale Kilit, Kale Industry Holding brought together all of its companies in 1988 and succeeded in becoming the leader of our country and one of the three big companies in the word within this sector. There is a place for young and dynamic talents in Kale Industry Holding Organization, which was rised 50 step forward at once in the ranking of Turkish Exporters Assembly 2010 by ascending to the 218th rank.

If you wish for being a part of this culture, you are about to become a partner with a proud and powerful national capital which aims to lead for adapting the applications at the level of Group that are directed to the HUMAN and ENVIRONMENT oriented innovations, and which is professed to provide new means and processes that guides the culture and climate by using the winds of change without retreating from the target of sustainable growth despite recent global economic turmoils and storms.


Within the frame of our sustainable growth need in our organization, at first we try to meet the workforce requirement from our inner potential but when this is not possible, we turn to the business market and fulfill our requirement through new team mates selected among the potential talents concurrent with our institutional key competences that we believe in to shape our future together according to the principle of “RIGHT PERSON TO THE RIGHT JOB”.

To put it with the saying of our founder Mr. Sadik OZGUR,  by trusting your individual competences with the approaching of “IMPLEMENTOR IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE ENACTOR”, if you choose us for developing your future and carrier by seeing that your horizons will merge with ours and send us your CV or your Profile, then it means that your application process has begun. Applications are both received from various internet sites of which are a member as Holding and also through the references of our employees.

You may apply for the announced vacant position as well as the “Common Aplication” for being evaluated for the future positions. When you apply for, we first assess your knowledge and experiences, and they are matched with the vacant positions. In accordance with your knowledge and specified qualities that you present to us if we decide for a possible matching, then you will be invited for a job interview.

We prefer competence based apllications in our interviews and if you approve we apply psychological test if needed in order to understand you better. The results of the test is shared with the applicant in transparency.  Key competences taken into consideration in interviews are  listed as: Leadership, Belonging, Sense of Responsibility, Openness to Change and Development, Innovativeness, Team Spirit, Ability to Decide and Take Initiative, Dynamism, Process and Result Orientedness, Customer Orientedness.

If you are asking yourself the question of “WHY KALE INDUSTRY HOLDING”, the answer is very simple. Being a member of Kale Industry Holding means that you are ready for a unique carrier experience in order to shape the future of a culture which is an assertive and a trustable brand among the three big companies of the world and leader of our geographical region, and also to enliven the picture of the future with an innovative brush.


As Kale Industry Holding, we offer the opportunity of training and skill education for hard-working, dynamic and young people at the rate of least  %5 percent of our number of employees in September-June period of each school year. Both as an investment for future and as a part of our legal obligations, we give this opportunity to the students in the Vocational Schools in our region that are subordinate to the National Education Directorate. Training programme and pricing of  this group is determined with the related schools. On the other hand, hardworking, dynamic and young training candidates of University and Vocational College are given the opportunity for training in a period changing between 20 days and 3 months depending on the student demand and the working programme of the related Department. As far as possible, all training programmes allow for continual learning based and academic project based  creative studies without virtually producing added value. While all trainers can benefit from particularly constitutional SGK (Social Security Institution) opportunities, and from the institutional resources such as delivery and food, they are also expected to follow basic operating conditions of the corporate procedures such as in-house worker safety and health rules, and time management.


On the basis of equal wage for equivalent job, Kale Industry Holding endeavours to advance its fair and competetive wage management system by taking into consideration the conditions of business market and the living standards of the employee. For that purpose, our company continually enhances its current job family model with benchmarking studies by participating in wage surveys that are carried out in a national basis with international standards.

On the basis of net wage, salary increases are carried out annually for white collars and twice a year for blue collars according to the inflation and sectoral dynamics.  Job positions are ranked with the model of job family. There is also flexible wage that depends on performance. For flexible wages, Kale Target Cards and competence based assessments are predicated. Additionally, as vested benefits, Fuel Allowance, Vacation Allowance, Festive Allowance, Marriage/Birth/Death/Military Service/Children Allowances are given besides the Educational Benefit for employees’ children according to their state of education. Food and personnel transport services are provided by professional business associate companies. Employees, who have a duty outside of the firm, are supported with meal tickets and all kinds of travel costs are compensated by our companies. Private health insurance are given and vehicles are allocated  in parallel with the responsibilites required by management and job position. Within the scope of Kale Suggestion System conducted through the KALEPORT intranet, our employees are awarded on a monthly basis for the added value created by their suggestions.


When you join the Kale Industry Holding, it means you are beginning your carrier journey with your unique colleagues in a corporate community that exports to 75 different regions of the world from Russia to Argentina and Ukraine to Saudi Arabia; compels its global rivals apart from being the leader of keylock sector in our country; posseses a trustable brand awarded with the “Star of Export Prize” by successively taking the first place in the metal goods category of Mine and Metal Exporters Association (IMMIB) by its export figures. And we believe that this sense of trust created in the market by our powerful brand should be supported by the development of our employees. For this reason,  trainings are brought together under the roof of KALE TRAINING ACADEMY in order for conducting all professional and self development training programmes systematically and effectively.

Our training programmes involve all white collar and blue collar personnel and categorized under certain titles for the improvement of employees and company in the best and the fastest way by keeping up with the market of the future in an innovative and ambitious manner. In this design, Holding targets are decided by developing the requirement competences of job, and Holding training requirements are detected, analysed and an annual Kale Industry Holding Strategical Training Plan is carried out and budgeted within the frame of new requirements that job positions created. Aim of this is to provide our employees with the required self development opportunities in parallel with the target of company; to reveal the best in them; to combine individual and corporate targets at the same point; to enable both development and the maximum satisfaction and performance by enhancing your efficiency and activiy; always changing the potential and dynamic workforce for better to meet the customer expactations at top level. Annual trainings are implemented as both internally and externally, and their results are analysed and assessed. The results of training are projected into the working processes after the assessment and evaluation.

Through our customized trainings, you will reach the technical and commercial knowledge, enhance your personal skills and make your development a continuous process. This personal development actualized in the journey of WINNING IN KALE, will place you one step forward of your rivals. Especially with Y and Z zones, apart from their personal developments, all kinds of development programmes are configured for the talents of the future to make them the leaders of the LEADER company within the keylock market. KALE TRANING ACADEMY regenerates the content and form of its programs according to the needs and systems that are changing in parallel with the dynamics of the market. Also with our R&D center established in 2011, we aim for our managers to produce customer oriented, creative and innovative solutions in order to meet the technological expectations of the sector.


KALE Industry Performance Management (KEPYON) aims for coordination between Holding targets and the individual goals of our employees. This tool is used with the purpose of assessing the available competences of our employees to excel them in their jobs and giving them the necessary competences required for the future positions. This system has three branches: Target Management (KALE TARGET CARDS), Development of the Employee (KALE TRAINING ACADEMY) and Competence Based Assessment. In an application conducted with the systematical performace meetings between Manager and Employee –annually for white collars and  twice a year for blue collars−, first of all their performances are assessed according to the target designated previous year and the goals and development areas are determined for the next year. This meeting constitutes and important ground where performance directed feedbacks are presented by revealing the mutual expectations of the manager and the employee.