Kale Endüstri Holding

Kale Endüstri Holding A.Ş., that was founded in year 1953, made a strong entrance to the sector with Kale Lock  by its big investment in year 1979, gathered all of its companies in year 1988 under the roof of holding and establishing Çerkezköy Factory, being the biggest integrated lock production facility of Europe in year 2016, puts its signature not only in Turkey but also at world market to giant investments as a corner global trademark.

Kale Endüstri Holding A.Ş, with its experience exceeding half century, corporate management,, production understanding standing on quality, dynamic and strong structure; continues to grow by providing serious contributions to the country economy with its national, international and regional investment power.

Affiliates of Kale Endüstri Holding are also engaged in; in addition to lock, cylinder, electronic lock, electronic access control systems, steel door, safe box, fire door, window systems, insurance services and alarm security systems sector.